Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Closer You Look (The Uglier It Gets)

I had just made up my mind that, if somebody hadn't already compiled Adam Schiff's lies somewhere, I was gonna do it - when I discovered somebody already did it, and with a hilarious "Saturday Night Live" format added.
That's fitting, since SNL hired the Democrat Party's lying antivaxx leader, Jim Carrey, to play Joe Biden. How they got away with THAT is a question for the Democrat's shitty media to answer. 
Another question for them is - if Jim Carrey started The Antivaxx Movement and it's now joining with QAnon - isn't Jim Carrey, in part, responsible for the growth of the QAnon cult that everyone's calling so dangerous? 
But - whoo-boy - not as much as The Democrat Party's supporters. 

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