Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Democrats Think They See A Cult (Or Is That A Ghost?)

The Democrat Party seems 100% certain there's a "cult" operating on the OTHER SIDE of the political spectrum, but, I can't imagine what EXPERIENCE they have to make such a claim.

Everyone knows their long history, always advocating for clean living, clear thinking, and independent thought.

They've been as nourishing to our politics as a fish sandwich.

I mean, clearly, their EYES work better than mine: they can spot cults.

I had my doubts, based on their history, but, what do I know? I just watched them - as a member of the Party - for most of my life.

They never showed me anything, they'd consider, weird. Nothing at all. For a political party.

Just looking for viable candidates, like a Marianne Williamson-type, to inspire us to get more realistic about the future.

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