Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Bottom Line To Blogging About Cults (Is The Bottom Line To Blogging)

The Macho Response is the only blog that gives you a serious heads-up on the world of cultism, both here and internationally, without getting all weird about it.
TMR was covering the NXIVM cult as far back as 2007, but the rest of the world knew nothing about them - even with the participation of Hillary Clinton and the Dalai Lama - until there was an internal rebellion in the ranks of branding, in 2019.
So what's it matter? What can a TMR reader expect to learn about the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, say, that they wouldn't learn anywhere else? Let's start with the fact a cult leader, Ken Wilber, wrote the book that helped inspire them, also titled "One Taste"? No mention of THAT in the other coverage I've seen.


Or how about the fact that cult leader, Ken Wilber, is also a good friend of former-President and accused rapist, Bill Clinton - the man who was deemed acceptable to vouch for Joe Biden's integrity at the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention? You could see how they'd want to stay hush-hush about that.
And then there's Ken Wilber's business partner, also an accused rapist, and the former "spiritual advisor" (whatever THAT is) to Whole Foods, the just uber-creepy, Marc Gafni? You don't think he wanted one taste? Just one?
I could go on, but you get the idea: the point is, you can learn a lot about what cults are talking about, and cultism in general, by hanging out here.
You'll be AMAZED at how - like a crooked-ass "psychic" - THAT one act tends to focus the mind on bringing about results. It's ASTOUNDING.
All of a sudden, TMR sticks out like a fly in the buttermilk.
Revealing a level of discipline unseen outside of these highly-trained fanatics.
Because THAT'S what it REALLY takes, to get truly serious, about duking it out with the likes of these guys. 

Believe me: They control the horizontal AND the vertical.

They just can't get control of this guy.

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