Sunday, November 29, 2020

Why Are We Here?

    When blogging works, it matters - like the music Jazz and Country legends used to make - so blogs should always be written with purpose. But, of course, to make that worthwhile, blogging also requires readers with purpose. I get few comments here, so I rarely know if I've got that. PayPal helps, though.

This ain't Entertainment City, Bitch - it's The Macho Response - so (taking Gwyneth Paltrow's admonition, in the header above, as a guide) you should arrive here asking the main, if only, question: "What are we 'Responding' to TODAY?" 

Politics is huge. If you've traveled a lot, you know people get it wrong, all around the planet. They critique what they can't grasp, in a partisan environment, filled with activists, keeping the truth from them or filling them full of bullshit. TMR relies on facts, cross-referenced for accuracy, and forget what the assholes say. They're liars. All of them. To this day, can the average person say why the U.S. invaded Iraq? Or why it all went wrong? (During the 1st invasion, Colin Powell got George "Poppy" Bush to break our promise to rid the Iraqis of Saddam - this necessitated a 2nd invasion. By the time George W. Bush did it, Saddam had fucked people up so bad, they did NOT appreciate seeing us - even if Iraq did have WMD and were harboring terrorists - which they did and were). "The problem with Michael Jackson"? Trump getting robbed? You're only gonna "get" it here.

Religion is another biggie. If you're old enough to have witnessed the Moon Landing - but still believe in "the man in the sky" (and his kid) after that event reduced him to "a higher power" from now on - then you need to leave. Now. This is probably not the place for you. That's all that's needed to be said. 

NewAge "Spirituality" is the ultimate evil today - it is to religion what bullshit is to lying. It's the next step on the ladder to lunacy. And, thanks to Oprah, we - as a culture - have already blindly taken it. To our everlasting regret. Not only will nothing ever be normal again, but now - thanks to the Queen of daytime TV in the '90s - we have to worry if it'll even be livable as well. She's turned the entiure world culture off to science, medicine, realitionships and reality, so - can she do any more damage to us? Of course she can - she's as corrosive as the Nazis - which brings me to,... 

Race - a sore spot, complicated even more, now that Oprah Winfrey's trying to legitimize rapists as black heroes, after we already did that once, with Martin Luther King, Jr.. America's a nation that raised it's citizens to think as King did - everyone's the same - even though blacks and Indians are treated different. Now, long after King's murder, blacks and Indians insist we're different, and it's conservatives demanding everyone stick to thinking we're all the same - even though nobody treats us that way. Mindfucking black and Indian U.S. citizens, for our whole lives, requires reparations. Nothing more. Apology included. 

The rest of TMR is all sciencemusic, art, and culture - the stuff of life - and fuck just about anything else. I just don't have the time.

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