Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Good Example


Here's that clip again, of Oprah allowing Shirley MacLaine to spread her mumbo-jumbo in the '80s on American television, but, this time, I want you to compare it to this recording of a "psychic" criminal talking to my wife, to see if they don't both strike you as equally dishonest, illogical, and (educationally) shameful. 

To me, it's like listening to the same woman. It gives me chills.

And it makes me wonder what Oprah - a journalist - was thinking. And, if Oprah's NOT leading a cult, why would people trust her, when (like Dr. Oz and others) she trusts people as obviously unhinged as Shirley, and will keep doing so, for decades? 

But I seem to be alone in pondering that

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