Tuesday, November 17, 2020

facebook - Again: Picked-Off, Kicked-Off, And Ticked-Off (Big Time)

facebook has *dinged* me for being different for the last time - I'm done. And it sounds like others are, too:

This fight is real.

Silicon Valley wasn’t exactly secretive about trying to force Blue state values down Red State throats — whether we liked it or not.

This is how they plan to do it — by choking out dissenting voices.

Punching Nazis was never about making violence acceptable against the Nazis. It was about making violence acceptable so they could label anyone they didn’t like a nazi.

The call for ‘deplatforming extremists’ wasn’t about something outrageous Milo or Alex Jones had said. It was a template for naming anyone right of Stalin as ‘extreme’ and sending our sites to the chopping block.

This is orchestrated and deliberate pressure trying to squeeze out the voices that stand in the way of certain political people and their political power-plays and ambitions.

Fine with me. I know I'm fighting a cult, and have no more chance of changing minds than if all the Democrats were Manson followers, so I ain't tryin'. I can see what has to be done now. 

It's them I feel sorry for.

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