Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gulp: This Is Really A Lonely Road Now,...

Hey Y'all (and thanks, Ann: wow - between you and Glenn (who I also criticize mercilessly: bravo!) the number of visitors are overwhelming - such fucking power you two hold:)

Folks, I quoted Lisa Schiffren talking about the tourist experience of Paris (which almost all of you are referring to as well) while I was talking about eating in "France" - the country - so MadisonMan's "Paris! = France" shit don't wash: I lived all over the damn place, off and on, over the course of 20 years - especially Alsace, where my killer ex-wife is from. Your various Paris experiences are as real to the state of the country as The Drill Sgt's "NYC = USA" analogy. "Get a guidebook", Fred4Prez? Please: go somewhere other than the biggest and most popular city over there - and actually stay for awhile - and, like me, you'll run screaming from that racist, socialist, insane asylum.

And, finally, a confession:

After all my bitching about being ignored, Ann, you got me:

For the very first time, I don't know what I'm going to say on my own blog.

I guess I'll do another post on France, but it's definitely going to have a NewAge/cult angle - this is one opportunity that's too good to pass up.


Contrary to popular belief (or my online image) I do have (a few) "good days" and this is one of them: I made over $1, 400.00 at work today and now with this kind of exposure - it's amazing. If I can keep this up - and get a few donations through TMR - I'll be out of debt soon (my killer ex and her quack doctor ran away to France with all of my money - out of reach of the American courts - but not exactly the french ones) and I'll be able to get back to what I think my true calling is, for the time I have left:

Becoming American Conservatism's first black musical troubadour.

That, in my opinion, will be a true civil rights milestone in the making - and one I think you should all support. Don't forget:

Martin Luther King was a Republican,...


  1. Of late my hatred has not been wasted
    My systematic dismantling rendered as ranting
    My disaffection in your direction
    A reckoning in each recollection

    I'll be the right wing troupadore
    Conservative cuss w. cuspidore
    Put to the poor with my foot to the floor
    You won't get me anymore

  2. BTW, click my "poetry" tag and see what you find:

    Some of it's not bad.