Sunday, September 5, 2010


"I wanna be dead, in bed: Please kill me, 'cause that would thrill me!"

I was absentmindedly driving along, with the iPod going full-shuffle, when I heard that line and started cracking up - it snapped me into the realization of why I was absentmindedly driving around:

I've completely lost touch with everything - a son of pure anomie.

I was motoring on autopilot, just as I'm living on autopilot now. I don't want to visit with anybody, there's no place I want to go, nothing I need to see: I just wanna be dead. I mean Frank Zappa is, and we don't hear any complaints out of him, now do we?

The idea that "life is precious" when so many, who would say that, make a conscience mess of it for others is a joke. It implies that the malicious are all we have to live for - which makes sense once you notice how, as a society, we celebrate and enshrine those who adhere to betrayal and crime as reasons and ways for living. Everything's upside-down now, making death the only welcome alternative to such a "life".

But that's NewAge and the politics (and "reasoning") that follow from it: They claimed thinking that way would bring Peace and Love and Hope and Change and all that, but what they left out is, in order for all of it to happen, everybody has to accept NewAge. If you're not constitutionally fortified to get with the program - as I am - then (also for everybody) NewAge leads to Madness and Malaise and Depression and Death. That's The Law of Quantum Failure. Sorry, ladies.

Not that my life is all doom and gloom just yet:

Last night I stopped by my local market to pick up some tortellini salad and a couple of chef-made meatballs for dinner. The woman behind the counter filled a container with my salad and then spritely said, "O.K. now I'll grab your balls - they're really big tonight!"

We laughed.

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