Monday, September 20, 2010

Saying Spirituality Is Harmless (Is Dangerous)

I always love how the unseen consequences of "spiritual" thinking leads others to assume such thinking is "harmless" - it's a major reason why few do anything to stop it - that and the fact it's mostly practiced by women.

My ex-wife killed three people, and destroyed my life as I knew it, doing what others - supposedly really smart others - told me was "harmless". There's a whole website dedicated to the dead and injured of what NewAgers (and others) say is "harmless".

Think of all the unnecessary arguments this leads to, all the broken relationships and families - all the divorces - before these women grow out of it.

Think of all the shattered lives they leave behind, without so much as an apology. Think of the deaths. The exploitation, manipulation, and head games.

Not to mention these people vote.

There's nothing "harmless" about any of it. I couldn't help thinking about how things like this wouldn't happen (and we wouldn't waste so many resources) if this society would stress the various forms of destruction - personal and otherwise - that arises from such "dumb" ideas.

*Originally posted as a comment on the Althouse.

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