Saturday, September 18, 2010

The World Is Mine (Or It's Looking To Be Soon)

The top search terms for this blog are, of course, "Crack Emcee" and "The Macho Response", but one that caught my eye - and made me smile through my guilt at not blogging as much as I want - was this from Rancho Palos Verdes, California:

"crack emcee killed new age"
I wish - really - but, still, that's a cool statement on the effect TMR's having out there. (It's not some massive influence on the culture but, as the e-mails I get testify, on individuals, it can be significant.) There's also an outstanding East Coast blog going full-bore against the NXIVM cult - Saratoga In Decline - that's work is so close to what TMR's been doing that someone snarkily used a blurb from TMR (since removed) as praise for Saratoga In Decline. Needless to say, I'm honored - and applaud Saratoga In Decline for their efforts:

Keep up the good work - The Crack Emcee's got your back.

And finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention whoever's on Craig's List repeatedly declaring TMR as "the most important blog in America".

Thank you.

So why aren't I here 24-7, like in the old days? Well, because I've got enough in donations (!) to finally go back in the studio and prepare my first recording in a long, long time. (I'll be mastering some tracks this Sunday, and then getting to work on a decent internet presence for them after that, so, for a little while longer, there might be a bit of a lag for my posts. Sorry.)

This first release won't be my much-promised conservative manifesto, but some left-over tracks from previous efforts - kind of a b-sides collection - but, still, a decent start to the next phase of my long-floundering music career.

And what better time could there be for it? Almost all of the topics TMR champions are becoming apparent to the general public now - including the left-wing Nazi thing - why, even my favorite president, George W. Bush, is receiving his much-deserved reassessment, so I must be doing something right.

Or seeing something right.

Or something.


I know most liberals hate me - because they never let me forget it - and that's a good thing.

Now if only the spotlight - and the public - would finally turn on Oprah,...or, at least, turn her off.

Either would suit me just fine.

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