Saturday, September 4, 2010

For What It's Worth (Which Ain't Much)

You've got to love when the obvious becomes undeniable:

According to The Daily Mail, scientists may have come up with a cure for malaria - isn't that great?

But wait - wasn't Homeopathy, originally, the supposed cure for malaria? Wasn't malaria, in fact, the very first disease Samuel Hahnemann (above) claimed to have used his now-famous water cure to defeat? If so, then, why is there a need for another? It's because, clearly, Homeopathy doesn't / can't / won't / is impossible to work. The only mystery is how the lie that water cures malaria - or anything else - ever lasted 200 years.

Of course, if you're paying attention, you already know that Homeopaths are using that lie to kill people - especially but not exclusively - in Africa, where they suspect authorities aren't paying close attention to what they're doing,...and, I might add, doing for money. (Or because they're racists. You can debate that one for yourselves,...)

World-wide Homeopathy is NewAge's equivalent to the nasty phrase "Big Pharma", except practitioners of this so-called "energy medicine" cure no one, and take lives instead of saving them. The latest incident making the news is from Japan, where doctors have kicked the bogus belief system to the curb after the death of a baby. (Children are especially vulnerable, because parents buy into the claim that Homeopathic preparations have "no side effects", without considering the treatment also contains no active ingredients. In other words, Homeopaths use a parent's obvious concern against them, to kill their kids.) We saw this same scenario play out, most famously, in the Thomas Sam case.

So what are Homeopath's going to say in light of this potential malaria cure? That Samuel Hahnemann was wrong? They can't say that because - since malaria was the very first specific ailment Homeopathy was designed to cure - it would prove the whole theory behind it - AKA "like cures like" - was (at best) a mistake or (at worst) a lie. Just like the entire NewAge outlook.

The truth is, as always, what the Homeopathic "community" is going to say about any challenge to their lies is,...nothing. Zip. Nada. They'll continue to ignore the obvious in favor of peddling their nonsense to NewAgers too gullible to think clearly because - let's face it - that's where the profits are.

And profits - not prophets - have always been what the scam of NewAge was about.

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