Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Tea Party Lesson: Driving Your Car Into A Ditch Shouldn't Mean Anybody Gets A Slurpie

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So, now the President and Vice-President - who NewAge liberals (AKA "Progressives") elected - are also calling NewAge liberals a bunch of unmotivated stupid whiners. I'm cool with that. Very cool.

It's better than NewAge liberals telling me I'm wrong.

Of course, being a backyard conservative and doing The Macho Response, I think constantly yelling the phrase "You're stupid!" back at NewAge liberals works best. But - being a patriot, a leader, and, well, just someone - I'd also like to suggest the president and vice-president might try getting the troops motivated with what's worked so well before:

A little meditation, maybe some acupuncture - or even an offer for a rejuvenation getaway - all paid for by ObamaCare!

They could code name the program "spiritual warfare" (because that's what it is) and then - once they get Oprah on board - well, it should be pretty smooth sailing from there.

Except for one little problem:

None of that crap will ever convince the rest of us you bozos know how to govern.

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