Monday, June 23, 2008

Democrats: What Else Do You Have Wrong?

"It's now been well-known,..."

Above is Richard Armitage - not Scooter Libby. You'd have to be blind not to see that. Yet, almost every day, I hear the guy above is Scooter Libby. Even Valerie Plame and her husband act like he's Scooter Libby. Why? Because they know Democrats are stupid cultists who won't do research on what they believe. Democrats are so stupid this three hundred pound patriot can go on national television and say "I outted Valerie Plame" and years later, if you ask that as a question, like Pavlov's dogs his fellow Democrats will point at any Republican and demand we think of them as brilliant for it. Totally cultish.

And here's a question:

If the NewAgers can convince the others this lie is a fact - and this is one of the easiest to prove untrue - how many other big-assed lies are the cult buying?

May I suggest all of them?

They're completely out of touch with reality,...but, then, that's what being a cultist is all about. Right?

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