Friday, June 27, 2008

Excuse Me, Sir: The Proper Word Is "Cult"

"Goodness, we have a mass psychosis at work here."
-- JammieWearingFool, noticing something peculiar out there in ObamaLand, after the Huffington Post's Joseph Palermo attacked The Daily Show's John Stewart for criticizing the Left's one-and-only living messiah.

And isn't it hilarious how this cult phenomena keeps getting noticed, and talked about, but Obama's followers keep acting like Too $hort's female fans when he says the word "bitch": declaring either A) we don't mean it, or B) it's meant about those other Obama followers? That's a sure sign of a "cult following."

O.K., go stand next to Tom Cruise, you weirdos:

You're fooling no one.

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