Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Barack: Your Cult Is Dumb As A Rock

"Please, Alex's mom, don't homeschool your child. Your social studies lessons might leave something to be desired."

-- Libby Sternberg, commenting on the exceedingly stupid Barack Obama ad (above) that's been making the rounds, for The Daily Standard

Two immediate rebuttals come to mind:

1) Our military is voluntary.

2) McCain will only be president for (up to) 8 years, so her kid is in danger until he's (at most) 10 years old - clearly making him recruiter material.

And, then, there's this:

How NewAgers think the American people will elect anyone stupid enough to release such a dumb (and easily-parodied) ad is beyond me: it's just more proof (if it was needed) that meditation is truly bad for brain function, because, since Iowa, somebody in the Obama camp has lost the ability to reason.

Hat Tip: Neocon Express.

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  1. The Cult of the Presidency

    "In the revival tent atmosphere of Barack Obama’s campaign, the preferred hosanna of hope is “Yes we can!” We can, the Democratic front-runner promises, not only create “a new kind of politics” but “transform this country,” “change the world,” and even “create a Kingdom right here on earth.” With the presidency, all things are possible."