Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fraud Of NewAge: A Matter Of Trust

"The mother of an autistic girl says the public school board was 'completely unprofessional' to formulate a theory that her daughter was being sexually abused based on a psychic's perception.

Barrie resident Colleen Leduc wants an apology from the Simcoe County District School Board, which called in the Children's Aid Society (CAS) to investigate.

'I have trust issues now,' Leduc said. 'What are they going to concoct next week?'"

-- Raymond Bowe, reporting on what passes for "normal" behavior - to nutcases - for Toronto, Canada's

It goes on:

"'First of all, what were they doing taking a psychic's word? Then they correlated that with (Victoria's) behaviour to design a theory,' Leduc said.

The board stands by its decision, despite where the initial information came from. 'It has not been board practice to use psychic readings,' [Dr. Lindy Zaretsky, a school board superintendent] said."

I ask again: when are we going to stop toying with these people, decide to get serious, and see this harmful nonsense - and the people who buy into it - for the destructive social force they are? Everyone at the school that's involved in this charade should be fired, because they're obviously not qualified to educate anyone, and someone - especially the so-called "psychic" - should be jailed for (at the very least) child abuse.

This is a crime.

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