Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The NewAge Is Cultish (Not Funny)

"Truly the unfunniest arse in the universe… [whose delivery] just assumes the audience will be complicit in the utterly bog-standard, unsurprising bit of wafty liberal observation that is coming out of his mouth. Funny people don’t do this."

-- Antonia Quirke, commenting on Britain's Marcus Brigstocke - but giving an assessment that could just as easily describe the rabid anti-vaccinationist (and best friend of guru-loving Arrianna Huffington) Bill Maher - in Rob Lyon's article on The Daily Mash (a satirical take on the Daily Mail) for

Rob Lyon adds - as though discussing Mao's Cultural Revolution:

"There has actually been a closing down of the range of subjects that can be the subject of comedy. Despite the failings of multiculturalism, comedy that lampoons the idea of ‘diversity’ is still pretty much taboo. Environmentalism, the zeitgeist idea, gets a pretty easy ride."

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