Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thank You (For Hurting Everything)

"Instead of easing the climate crisis, the Gallagher review shows that biofuels are actually making it worse – as well as causing hunger and suffering across the world.

The real problem is the sheer scale of the EU’s biofuels target. Finding enough land to grow 10 per cent of Europe’s road transport fuel will be bad for people and bad for wildlife. So-called sustainability criteria won’t solve this alone."

-- Kenneth Richter, Friends of the Earth’s biofuels campaigner, in the Daily Mail

It should come as no surprise that Friends of the Earth's logo is a big fat green zero. Environmentalists are some of the most harmful, idiotic, self-rightous, overly-moralizing, know-nothing, bastards on the planet. I told you, and told you, and told you, but no - you had to go and do it anyway. And, now, the poor the world over are suffering because you - you - wanted to "Save The Planet," which doesn't even need your help. Repeat after me:

Environmentalists are stupid lying cultists. Global Warming is a scam. Recycling is a scam. You're all being taken. You don't have to do this. The rest of you should not be supporting cheerleaders for the equivalent of Mao's Great Leap Forward, practicing for The Cultural Revolution, because the results will always be exactly the same: disaster.

Stop this madness NOW.

How much more proof do you need?


  1. Stupid scientists with all their data about melting polar icecaps. Photographer idiots with all their proof. Ridiculous recyclers when you can just keep digging it out of the ground and pouring the chemicals into the groundwater supply.
    Dumb polar bears, they've got no call to go and start getting extinct on our arses. Couldn't agree more.

  2. The scientific community is littered with NewAgers - I showed it was so in earlier posts - and the claim of consensus has been proven as bogus.

    The photographic evidence is constantly faked.

    The NYT did a 12 page article (titled "recycling is garbage") that explained, in detail, why it was a scam.

    Don't believe the hype: the polar bears are fine. Black men are supposedly on an endangered species list, too, but - wow - you're talking to me! Amazing how that happens.

    It's so funny how all these Lefty issues are popping up, all at the same time, but you don't think I can see the design in it - even though I study NewAge thinking. I'm equally amazed at how I provide you with verifiable proof and all you do is run to another ignorant point to blast away - like that's what you're programed for. Oh, I forgot: that IS what you're programed for.

    BTW, all the issues, above, have posts that prove my points. Just find the environmentalism, global warming, and climate change, tags. Not that you care about knowing anything:

    I'm sure you're quite happy in your life of cynicism.

  3. I'm not programmed for anything. Recycling was never an issue and has only become so in more recent years as awareness has increased.

    The trouble with dissing scientists - real scientists, not creation scientists or what-have-you - is that they don't work from a base of belief systems, but from quantifiable data. If one scientist stands up and shows charts demonstrating a polar icecap melting then there's a roomful of fellow scientists who are going to be on hand to keep him or her honest. Science is all about measurement and empirical standards and you don't last long if you just make shit up.

    New Age, like Creation Science, is an entirely different kettle of fish and would receive short shrift in any academic institution or research facility. And you know it.

  4. Man, have you got a lot to learn,...