Thursday, June 26, 2008

Never Saw THIS Coming!

“She can save the world in just four minutes, but now Madonna may have to save her fortune from a rocky relationship.

The mega-pop star, 49, is reportedly seeking legal advice on possibly divorcing from her husband of seven years, film director Guy Ritchie, 39.”

-- Amy Eisinger in New York's Daily News

It never ceases to amaze me how nobody notices all these so-called "spiritual" types are, either, divorced or destroying other people's marriages - and never connecting their lunatic fanaticism to the problem. (Or do you think Madonna's campaign to have Kabbalah water put in our nuclear reactors - or her other efforts to "enlighten" us and "save the world" - made a positive contribution to Guy's happiness at home?)

These ideologies - and the tunnel-vision they engender - are nothing less than a menace to society.

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