Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith: NewAger To The Core

I told you I was going to follow the case of Tricia Walsh-Smith, the YouTube Divorce Lady who portrayed herself as a peace-loving innocent betrayed - here's an update on all we've learned since then:

She uses Tarot cards to determine her fate and those of others - and to get revenge.

She consults psychics for the same purpose.

She's written a play called "Bonkers" and has sang that that's what she is - but, as far as we know, that knowledge hasn't driven her to seek help from anyone but those psychics.

She threatened to tattle to the gossip columnists if her husband didn't bankroll the play she was producing.

She's denigrated her husband's sexual prowess.

She threatened to eat her husband's manhood for breakfast.

She said "If I [made the threat] I was channeling something," which makes her a channeler as well.

She's an actress who's been over-emoting on the stand, to the point where the judge has asked her to stop, prompting her husband's lawyer to question her acting abilities.

She's clearly used sex to get ahead.

She considers herself a feminist.

She's stereotypically railed against "male chauvinist pigs."

She's called for "woman warriors" to rally behind her (which, dutifully, they have.)

Believe me: TMR would regard Tricia Walsh-Smith as "one twisted lady" if she wasn't so fucking common. Or if other women would try to stop her behavior and thinking (which very few do, ruthlessly accepting whatever benefits may possibly arise from acting crazy.) So, since women don't, they have no one else to blame - especially not men - that the Tricia Walsh-Smith's of the world are seen as par for the course. She's feminism's latest NewAge poster child because so few other women do anything to prove otherwise. They don't speak up. Women rally to her side when she's clearly "Bonkers" and needs a firm talking to. They even hope she "wins."

Blame only yourselves, Ladies, if you're taken wrong: you suck.

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