Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life Needs A Shelter

“Women initiate violence in 24 percent of cases in which the husbands don’t fight back, while men initiate violence in 27 percent of cases in which women don’t fight back. In the other 49 percent of cases, both partners actively participate in the violence.”

-- Kathleen Parker, quoting the findings of Linda Mills, senior vice provost at New York University (and author of Violent Partners) for the National Review

That 3% difference is all feminists needed to lose their fucking minds and make laws and procedures that treat men like criminals for simply being men. Miss Parker continues:

Many states have a “must-arrest” policy if a call to police is made. Many also take a “primary aggressor” approach in determining who should be arrested. Even if the man calls the police, says Mills, he’s often the one hauled off and charged, based on the assumption that he, the physically stronger, is more dangerous."

That's putting it lightly. If the average American knew how domestic violence attitudes played out, and were applied, it would boggle their minds.

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  1. I think that if the police were really honest about it, they would tell you that they really have no idea who the primary aggressor is most of the time. Just because someone does more damage doesn't mean they were the primary aggressor. A victim may get hit a number of times before defending themselves, and if they do successfully defend themselves, they are usually deemed the primary agressor. If they don't defend themselves, they better hope the police get there mighty quick. Usually to even get to a phone to call the police you have to 'defend yourself'.

    And race makes a difference here. Red marks show up more readily on lighter skin.

    It is another example of people throwing formulas and belief systems at complex problems and situations.

    Nothing replaces good police work.