Monday, April 21, 2008

The Hippies Are Right (And These Guys Aren't)

"I didn't expect to think, as I do now, that the majority of top scientists may be in the skeptic camp. The press has not been doing its job. Had it done even a minimal amount of fact checking and investigation it would have realized that the science is not settled,...

Most of the scientists I profiled aren't interested in becoming campaigners on climate change. They aren't policy wonks. They just want to do their science,...

Most don't want to connect with culture at large. Some do, and these are working hard at it. I don't know what pathway they'll find to finally get through to society at large, but I have no doubt that they'll find it. Their ally, after all, is Truth, and that makes for a potent combination."

-- Lawrence Solomon, Canadian environmentalist and author of The Deniers, a book on climate change skeptics.

As The American Spectator says of Global Warming advocates: "Knee-jerk demagoguery and a refusal to engage opponents are not typical hallmarks of a movement with facts on its side."

He's the world's most cited climatologist, according to an analysis in the journal of the British Institute of Geographers. He's also the fifth-most-cited physical geographer in the world, and the 11th most cited among all geographers.

He has written some 230 articles and five books, including in such fields as geology, limnology, meteorology and archeology.

He has twice seen his papers in Environmental Conservation awarded prizes for being "best paper of the year," and he's a member of the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour, created to recognize "outstanding achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment."

He's Dr. Reid Bryson, considered by many the "father of scientific climatology," and he's also pronounced on the most consequential climate issue of the day -- man-made global warming. His verdict: "That is a theory for which there is no credible proof."

-- From Lawrence Solomon, writing for the Financial Post

There - now talk amongst yourselves.


  1. There is a new movie featuring Ben Stein called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed that talks about this EXACT same thing!

    If evolution is true, then you would think that secular "scientists" would not be afraid to spend their time debating Intelligent Design advocates in public forums, but instead these elitist snobs simply refuse to engage ID advocates at all!

    You would think that as such tiny minority, outnumbered by evolutionists in the scientific community almost 99-1, ID advocates could not be threatening to these know-it-alls in the least - but you'd be wrong!

    Apparently ID is a threat, the fact that evolutionists have to CENSOR intelligent design from school textbooks and are afraid to let the public weigh the evidence and decide for themselves proves that deep in their hearts they do know that there is a Creator and that He is an awesome God!

    Anyway, check it out:

  2. Dude, I know about "Expelled" and it's hogwash.

    And, if your God/creator was so "awesome", he wouldn't need you trumpeting his name so loudly, or so often.

    I have more respect for religious folk than I do NewAgers, because *anyone* with real morals and values now-a-days is sorta impressive to me, but don't think me a fool:

    There is no "God".

  3. I'm sorry I thought maybe you were a skeptic too, but I guess you have been brainwashed by the liberal evolution cult just all the other leftist "free thinkers"

    so sad

  4. I am a skeptic - about everything - and that includes what you're sellin'.