Monday, April 28, 2008

He's Top Dog - And There's An Election Coming!

"(Clinton) thinks McCain is better than Obama and McCain is no better than Bush. Which can mean only one thing: Bush is better than Obama!"

-- Steve Chapman, helping Hillary with her political calculations, while writing for the Chicago Tribune


  1. What is amusing to me is that we had two opportunities to put intelligent, competent leadership in charge of the administration in Washington. We were all sold out by the poorly educated Nascar voters who voted for a guy that they "would like to have a beer with". Well, take a good look at the economy and the 40 billion per month we are spending on jobs programs and roads in Iraq, largest decline in RE in 75 years, $4.00 a gal for gas, rising food costs, record foreclosures, rapidly declining dollar and a budget deficit 10 times the size of the surplus that was left to this pres. and congratulate yourselves! You got just what you deserved. Maybe this time enough people will vote intelligently.

  2. Stay tuned:

    I'm planning a post where I'll clearly show that almost all these issues can be directly linked to Left-wing intrasience (sp?) during wartime. If you want to jump the gun on me a bit, start investigating the connection between our (green promoted) use of biofuels and rising food costs. Or the rise of organics and food costs. Oil is a speculative market and I dopn't hear many Leftists speculating anything good for us either, do you? My post is still in the works but I don't think Leftists are going to like the results of their ass-backwards Anti-American efforts.

    But in the meantime, and just to make my point even further, I've got a question for you:

    If things are going so badly - for your own country - why are you laughing?

    You give the whole NewAge game away right there.

  3. If things are going so badly - for your own country - why are you laughing?

    People think corporate America is rock-ribbed republican - not so.

    Business people go with the winners, not the losers, which is why when BUsh won for the second time (!) in 2004, our company executed a major strategic overhaul, sold most of our US assets and reinvested capital in international markets

    Anyone with a trace of economic sense could have seen this coming actually.

    If I take a credit card away from a druken teenager on a weekend in vegas it doesn't mean I am "anti-capitalism" or "anti-america" its just that I dont want the kid wasting my money on slot machines and hookers

    Unfortunately most american did not have the foresight to insulate themselves from the worst of this mess and so can only continue to watch in horror as he makes one disatrous expensive mistake after another

  4. CMC: tut tut tut.
    First of all, lmao is an ACRONYM, not a screen name.
    Secondly, "intrasience (sp?)" is pathetic. Even Devorahh knows how to use a spellchecker.

    All your left wing, new age, athiest, misogynist shit is causing you to forget the basics, like spelling, and acronyms.

  5. You know what? I don't think you're being honest, so I'm done with you:

    Find someone else to lie to.


  6. That last comment was for lmao.

    Richter, I tried the spellcheck and it didn't work, so there.


  7. CMC: I know, I'm not very good with the spellcheker either. There's this screenname, Devorrah (, and I've tried, several times, to ask her to clarify spellchecking to me, but i think there is too much pain in her "multicultural soul". I guess that particular pain gets in the way of a satisfying spellcheck.