Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's "Perfect Man" Is Gay

"Three years after she cashed in on her wedding, Star Jones has checked out of her marriage to Al Reynolds because she's tired of footing the bill, a friend of the TV diva told the Daily News.

Jones, 46, revealed Wednesday that she has filed for divorce from Reynolds, 39, in Manhattan Supreme Court. They are living apart - she's in New York and he's in Miami.

Their union was dogged by media speculation that Reynolds was gay and a backlash over corporate sponsorships of their million-dollar wedding.

Jones once bragged that Reynolds had the "legs of of a stallion," but the ex-banker apparently wasn't enough of a workhorse for the ex-host of "The View."

"Al was never there for Star," a friend of hers said. "He hasn't made any money in the last three years. He has been living off of her."

Neither spouse would say what doomed the romance that inspired Jones to write a book about finding the perfect man. "

-- Jo Piazza, Ben Widdicombe, and Tracy Conner, reporting for New York's Daily News

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