Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tarot: New Agers (And The French) Are Loons

I just got this message (and video) from my friend, Tarockspieler:

"I don't read tarot cards, I play card games with them like spades or hearts! People in Europe play card games with a tarot deck but most Americans have been kept in the dark about these games. What tarot readers have been saying about tarot has been bad for game players and we should spread the word that divination is not the real intended purpose of the cards. Tarot was really made in 15th century Italy for a kind of card game and tarot fortune telling did not happen until the late 18th century! It's not really some ancient mysterious art like new agers would like us to think! If you see tarot card reading at a medieval or renaissance fair, it is out of period and is a pandering to the new age crowd."

And, boy, will people pander - Thanks!


  1. how do you come up with your blog titles?

    just curious.

  2. how DO you come up with your sub-titles?
    I preferred yesterday's.

  3. They're just my thoughts, Richter, usually one of the first ones I have when I wake up.

    Going with my gut, and all that.

    If my gut doesn't throw anything at me, I rely on the Cult Subtitle Generator 3000 - available for $99.95 from Kevin Trudeau, Inc.

    I would've mentioned it first but, of course, it's the subtitle generator that "they" don't want you to know about,...

  4. Oh. And I missed the 4th reference this morning, but I just got it.... here's hoping you're a cannibal.
    (What does that say about me????)
    (About you, it says that you have an intelligent, albeit subtly twisted, mind.)