Monday, April 28, 2008

"Cultlike" My Ass

"[Ken] Wilber has a passionate -- almost cultlike -- following in certain circles, as well as some famous fans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have praised Wilber's books. Deepak Chopra calls him "one of the most important pioneers in the field of consciousness." And the Wachowski Brothers asked Wilber, along with Cornel West, to record the commentary for the DVDs of their 'Matrix' movies."

-- Steve Paulson, once again dropping the "c-word" (which so many want to deny, as it keeps popping up in article after article) while writing for

Look at those names: the adulterer and serial liar; the baseless Global Warming fearmonger; the guy who tried to scam the Journal of American Medicine; the brothers who convinced a bunch of lamers this reality isn't real, and a "race man" who not only makes no sense but - and this is his larger crime to me - made a bad rap album.

What an example that collection sets, huh? Just the idea that someone could look at that list of names, knowing what impoverished roles these people are playing in our lives, and not call "bullshit" on Ken Wilber, should tell you all you need about what's wrong with the West today. All major players, all proven douchebags on the public stage, and all "followers" of Ken Wilber. I ask you: who's running the show here? These so-called "leaders" or the bald-headed asshole they all suck up to?

What is it about people that makes them vulnerable to cultism? I was reading about James Taylor's hit "You've Got A Friend" the other day - that line "they'll take your soul if you let them" got my attention - only to discover it was written by Carole King as a sop to Sri Swami Satchidananda, author of yet another book on Yoga. It never ends with these people. There's no escaping it. The Boomers can't die fast enough to give the rest of us air. Is it any wonder why people go on rampages when there's so much deception being pulled on them? Not in Washington, D.C., but right on their fucking radio?

Scientologists in PBS. All the Leftists "educated" by Werner Erhard's destructive est - which is a Scientology offshoot that's now sold as the Landmark Forum. With the Beatles' help, even more followers of the Maharishi, and, now, Oprah Winfrey and Ekhart Tolle, and on and on and on. Is it no wonder so many people don't understand what good there is in being a plain ol' patriotic American anymore? Why this country's "stand on your own two feet" idea is alien to so many? We're talking generations of "followers" here, destroying individuals, and families - and the national fabric - with their impulsive "be here now" live-for-the-moment "teachings" that lead to "feelings" that unleash all manner of mystic mayhem, in the personal, public, and political worlds of others. The idea of leaving others alone is so alien to these fundamentalists they don't know how to hold a decent conversation otherwise. Tell them to stop, stand up like an adult, and they don't listen anymore. As a matter of fact, the act of not thinking makes them feel superior. It's like high school on steroids - or the worst drugs you ever had - when you knew the "cool kids" were assholes.

These "followers" are people who won't grow up enough to shake off the shackles in their minds. To be "real" men and women - not childlike "followers". Always on the prowl to rope others into another kooky idea that's supposed to bring happiness but, after all these years, has done nothing but bring life in America low; started another generation to follow. Like the proverbial company man who's working against the organization, there's just nothing worse.

I hate this. Yes, "hate". If you had told me, when I was a child, that when I grew up I'd be surrounded by so many people who lacked independence of thought - and who, despite all the evidence cultism is extremely bad for human beings, will ignore all that for their own personal fulfillment - I'd have never believed you. Adults, by now, were supposed to be brighter than this. But not these adults. They know less about themselves than anything else - and will admit it when pressed. My hearing "Oh, I don't know" is now a cliche' of my waking life - always said by some formally passionate idiot who, apparently, no one else has ever questioned deeply about what they believe. They just don't know what they believe. And they won't try thinking.

But God damn it, whatever they're doing - good or bad or happy or scam - they're sure gonna pass it on.


  1. Warning: Cheap shots ahead.

    CMC, that is one scary picture of Kenny Boy. Not only his head and ego are bursting from being overinflated, but apparently his body now is also ready to explode. You'd think he'd take it easy on the self-improvement already... After all, he is perfect-has-always-been-perfect-will-be-perfect -forever. He The Enlightened One. He Whom The Gods Have Cherished From Before Time. He The Guiding Light of Humanity. He... (should I stop now? :)

    Ken W. makes me laugh. No, seriously. While I find some (many) of his ideas interesting, I cannot take more than 5 minutes of his text (or visual presence). That humongous ego of his is always so shamelessly on display that I feel like I'm forced to endure a precocious but spoiled 3-year-old. Captivating at first, sure, but tiresome and annoying after a brief while.
    And, oh my goodness, leave it to Ken to not just have any seizure, but the GRAND MAL type (of course!), and not just 1, but 12 *in one evening* (obviously!), with kidney failure, pneumonia, heart stopping (not once, mind you, but four times!) and full four(!) days in a coma (I'm sure there is a special significance to the number 4 here, but he has not revealed it so far). So even his illness is profound, poignant, spiritually enriching and larger than life (and possibly the known Universe, but he has not made that claim official yet). And his recovery is equally miraculous -- after all this, he just walked out, healthy and happy, two(!) days later. "Ken Wilber was unconscious but Big Mind was conscious. Ken Wilber came to on the fourth day."

    Yep, that's it. No doubt all that enlightenment is paying off there. We knew God-heads loved you, Kenny, but now we really know how much. You are special indeed. You are a river -- and then some. (But you knew this. Of course!)

  2. A couple of tidbits on Swami Satchidananda, from the Wikipedia link you include, caught my eye:

    "Like other children from religious families, young Ramu loved to play guru and disciple with his friends."

    ---Play guru and disciple? As a young kid, in his backyard, with friends...?? This must be a decidedly cultural artifact. (I would be extremely concerned if any of my children played "guru and disciple," here, in India, or in Zimbabwe.)

    "At 23, then a chain-smoking manager at India’s National Electric Works, he married, but his wife died suddenly after five years of marriage, having given birth to two sons. After his wife’s death, Ramaswamy left his children with his mother and travelled throughout India to meditate at holy shrines and to study with spiritual teachers. For years, Ramaswamy searched out people revered as sages, saints and spiritual masters. Eventually, he discovered his guru, Sri Swami Sivananda, who ordained him into the order of sannyasa."

    ---All right, we have the pattern again, of a narcissistic man escaping his responsibilities (here, to his young sons) in search of "enlightenment" (read: attention, admiration, laziness, and, though I do not know that about him, I'd add, with some degree of certainty, quite possibly lots of opportunities for promiscuous sex). This appears to be a rather typical motivation for a guru. I have yet to hear about a guru who'd bust his ass working hard and saving money, attending to his wife and children, taking care of business (as in his home, piece of land, workplace, community, etc.), and then, in his free time, dispense whatever wisdom he may have accumulated doing all this.

    Nope, it's all about navel-gazing, talking convolutedly about it while making sure others hear and admire it, and reaping the "rewards" coming from the gullible and downright stupid hanging on your every word and attending to your every need. (Perhaps it is no wonder that young boys in India play guru and disciple -- this appears to be an occupation with more benefits than that of a Microsoft CEO's. And it's all about cultivating the aspirations of our young (snicker).)

    P.S. That sudden death of his young wife five years into their marriage also caught my eye, btw. Interesting.

  3. Years ago, Moon was widely considered a dangerous madman, the next Jim Jones. He inspired TV specials with names like "Escape From The Moonies." His cult separated college students from their families, put them out on the street selling flowers, paying for Moon's mansions and yacht. Moon's control over their lives was so total, he even chose spouses for them.

    Most people who remember Rev. Moon think he disappeared, died, was deported. In fact, as you will read in Bad Moon Rising, Moon is richer and more influential than ever. And an all-star cast of powerful Republicans have sold their souls to him.

    Just how crazy have our politics become when members of Congress bow down to a cult leader on Capitol Hill who dresses up like King George III...jet-sets around the world with the Bush family...and publishes conservatives' favorite newspaper, the Washington Times?

    This is the darkly comic story of Reverend Moon, the billionaire L. Ron Hubbard of the East, to whom D.C. insiders shamelessly pay homage, as he gives maniacal speeches about being the Second Coming.

    Bad Moon Rising

  4. Yea, I read a book by his former daughter-in-law that was pretty creepy (I can't remember the name of it now). His son is even more insane than Moon, Sr. is, what with the mix of nonsense and cocaine.

    Some world we got here, huh? I can barely keep up.

  5. Some world we got here, huh? I can barely keep up.

    CMC: You are my news source. I come to TMR for the latest and best. I think you more than keep up. But that's me.

  6. Theres an awesome short movie called "King of America" that shows Moon being "crowned" the "King of Peace" in the Senate Dirksen Building in 2004 as congressmen and senators scrape and bow.

    If you go back as far as I do, ask yourself when the last time was you’ve ever, heard the Reverend Sun Myung Moon mentioned in the corporate media.

    I go back far enough to remember the John Belushi skit from the documentary when it first aired on Saturday Night Live.

    While Reverend Wright sound bites play on an endless loop, a man who has more political influence and is more dangerous than all the religious nut cases you can name combined is rarely (if ever) brought up.


  7. "CMC: You are my news source. I come to TMR for the latest and best. I think you more than keep up. But that's me."

    CMC: what I am trying to say is, you are my world, you are the children, etc. etc. That's why i check your blog. It's for the children.

    also, He's just wondering how long you will let the devil make a slave of you.
    Love Richter.