Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sexual Maniacs Using Poverty As An Aphrodisiac (It Was Hella Wrong When Only Men Did It)

“"It was amazing,...Maybe he'd targeted lots of,...women before - who cares? I wasn't looking for a long-term romance.

"Of course, you have to realise that these people might be living in poverty. You could be robbed, or even kidnapped. But I felt quite safe when I was with him."

"We had the most amazing times in my cabin. I'd taken my mum with me, and she knew what was going on. In fact, she said: 'I wish I was 50 again!'"

"I totally understand why more and more,...single women like me are going on holiday looking for sex. It's the easiest thing in the world to pick up a young, handsome guy who will tell you are beautiful and make passionate love to you. All it takes is a bit of cash for presents, and I have plenty of that.”

-- Nicky Jardine, sex tourist, in an article for The Daily Mail

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