Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Girl With The Uni-Brow And A Moustache: Reading Between The (Big) Lines On Madonna

Take Madonna at face value.

A star who’s not taking chances.

She gets defensive.

Her talents suit an era when,...pop makes perfect ring tones.

Singing to all her wannabes,...

A girl who tries to steal a man,...

She still has to watch her back.

The dance floor — not the pulpit, not the art gallery — is Madonna’s truest home.

She,..can,...deliver neat, calculated pop songs.

She was smart to stay shallow.
-- All are quotes from Jon Pareles' New York Times review of Madonna's new album, "Hard Candy".


  1. haha no comment by anyone
    hmm I wonder why?????
    lack of witt I suppose :P

  2. Yea, and now she's implicated in busting up two marriages - Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez's, and, possibly, her own. Admire her, if you want, but such admiration says much more about you than her:

    You're a person with extremely low standards.