Thursday, April 24, 2008

But We're Voting On Sex And Color, Right?

"I’m not,...following the election that closely,...Is being a war hero important this time around? It’s hard to keep track. It was the last time, I’m sure about that, and [John Kerry] certainly made a big deal about the medals that he threw away…or didn’t. To make matters more confusing, at one time being a draft dodger was de rigueur and then a few years later flying a jet fighter in the Air National Guard wasn’t. All I know is that of the three candidates left in the race, all of them were surrounded by communists when they were young but only one of them fought back."

-- Yet another searing observation (that I wish I'd made) from Panda Bear, M.D.: the guy's amazing

And, yea, that's John McCain in the photo. Something tells me he's got more "experience" than the other two candidates - combined - but I can't exactly put my finger on why. Just call it "a gut feeling". (Snicker)

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