Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But One More New Man Will Fix Things Right Up

Well, I told you I'd follow the story:

It looks like "victory!" isn't actually in the Tarot cards for the YouTube lady in a divorce, Tricia Walsh-Smith. Her lawyer has just quit; and now her first husband is talking to the papers, describing what, to me, sounds like a very-familiar NewAge tale, of a particular-type of woman, chasing money and mysticism, and damn anybody that gets in her way. Her former husband, John Obertelli, says, "Even now after all these years and with all the experience I have gained, I still have no idea what makes Tricia tick."

Abandoned families; the attempt at "a modeling career"; affairs with rich married men - and hurting the one's they catch - seem to hold a clue. (Speaking of the affairs, The Daily Mail says, "In this department at least, her track record was truly spectacular.") Echoing her first husband, I ask: what is it with these people? I'm sure, if you asked Miss Walsh-Smith, she'd describe herself as a good wife, a good person, a good mother, a feminist, and all that; but, according to her first husband, "the sad truth is she's only seen [her son] for a couple of minutes in 20 years." And, I'm sure, shacking up with married men hardly qualifies her as showing solidarity with their wives in the "sisterhood". Or of even being a good person.

She did write a play once, called "Bonkers", which, I guess, will have to stand as the best explanation for it all. It's sad, though.

Her former husbands were, all, probably doing their best under the circumstances.

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  1. CMC, the woman is an unstable, narcissistic bimbo -- and not a very bright one at that. One does not have to do a personality analysis of her to see what makes her "click," despite the befuddled comments of her ex. It's money and attention (duh).

    My question here would be to all those men who not only were attracted to her, but also *married* her: WHY?

    What on earth did they find so irresistible there? That wide-eyed, brain-dead stare? The blond locks and falling out boobs? The spectacular "charm" of a self-absorbed and dim-witted harpy? What on earth...? And these were not some dumb schmucks, but, at least some of them, highly intelligent (though that's always questionable) and seemingly successful (questionable as well, of course, since money obviously is not the only measure of success -- but so be it) men. I scratch my head and ponder, what were THEY thinking (if anything at all)?

    Because it is obvious that she was not.