Friday, April 18, 2008

The Madonna/Whore Complex Ain't Complex

"SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) - A court hearing to decide the fate of the 416 children swept up in a raid on a West Texas polygamist sect descended into farce Thursday,...."

-- Michelle Roberts, as reported on My

Well, of course it did - that's what cultism is designed to do: turn our nice, normal, everyday life on it's head (in favor of whatever nonsense the spiritual types endorse) so the cultists can have the satisfaction of seeing the rest of us carping like trout over how brazen they are.

How could they do that to the kids? Easy. They're women who have no good sense left. Maybe a visual is necessary: look at the picture, above, of those three demurely-clad women who share one guy in the name of The Good Book. Got it?

Now, look at the photo below, of three less-than-demure women who, I'm sure, will tell you they're all "spiritual" and will, gladly, share a guy as well.

Now let's see: two eyes, two arms, two legs - all the other vitals in place. Considering they're all "believers", there's really not much difference between them. It's all about how their beliefs get them to the bedroom - and how neither group will let little things, like personal dignity, or hypocrisy, stand in the way because the spiritual books of cult beliefs, naturally, don't focus on such things. They focus on private things - like what you do with your privates.

So, whether it's multiple-partnered cult sex, pedophile priests, adultery in the clergy, or whatever, just adding a bit of spirituality for spice can be almost a guarantee that believers will do it - and, oh boy, are they doing it - and always to an extent that makes atheists cringe. It's practically like you've got to own a Bible to open a whorehouse.

Still don't believe me? O.K. Hotshot, how about this: today is the day Foxy Brown got out of prison after doing 8 months for - get this - "attacking nail stylists over a $20 manicure". She was picked up, amazingly, in a stupid City Councilman's white limo - a City Councilman who, by the time I write this, should be out looking for a job.

Foxy, for those that don't know, is famous for her dirty rhymes. (Everything is "my pussy" this and "my pussy" that, not much of it any good.) So where did Foxy say she was going as soon as she left the Big House? To church. She says "I've got to get on my knees", like she's ever spent much time standing up for anything.

Other than "gettin' down" that is,....Praise Jesus.

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