Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oprah, Oprah, Where Are You?

Pay attention now - the real religious show has begun:

Obama has been betrayed by his preacher. (His preacher!) So now he's betraying his preacher in kind - after insisting all along he wouldn't cut him loose. Such loyalty!

Meanwhile, the newly-spiritual Democrats are eyeing betraying Obama - their choice for president - to return to NewAge Hillary, who they abandoned for her hypocrisy, racism, and lies. As I said once before: Hey, Democrats, those are some candidates you've got there!

But I'm not surprised. Just like my ex-wife, even after each of these Democrats has publicly proclaimed their profound "spirituality" (including one, "Rev." Wright, who makes a living at it) not one of these believers can be found to stand for anything - except opportunism - so the only question left is how low will they go?

Actually that's not true. Another question is, where the fuck is the "enlightened" one, Oprah? She who did two shows on the Law of Attraction and backed Obama to the hilt? Surely, with her new Mr. Know-It-All, Eckhart Tolle, by her side, she can offer her famous couch to settle a simple little political and spiritual dispute between her chosen candidate and the black church, huh? She's supposed to be some kind of NewAge "moral leader" for the country, right? Well, with all the "training" she's been offering through these Ekhart Tolle online courses, by now this should be nothing for the likes of Oprah fucking Winfrey to fix. She knows everything. Or, at least, everybody seems to think so - especially women.

My guess is she'd offer them a free car.

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