Monday, April 28, 2008

O.K., Now I'm Mad - At Everybody

"Why should God bless America?
She’s forgotten he exists
And has turned her back
On everything that made her what she is

Why should God stand beside her
Through the night with the light from his hand?
God have mercy on America
Forgive her sin and heal our land"

This crap was sung at this year's Republican Values Voters Debate, of all things, and that's stupid-assed Mike Huckabee behind the fucking choir.

For those of you who think I don't notice Republican shit, I do, but it's got to be something real - like Tony Zirkle (R-Indiana) speaking before a white supremacist group that's celebrating Hitler's birthday:

Not the stupid bullshit you guys try to throw me about the president.

There's real shit to complain about - on both sides - but you guys are so obsessed with your bullshit BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) you miss the fucking plot:

Man, everybody makes me sick sometimes,...

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