Saturday, April 19, 2008

Homeopathy Is The Refuge Of Criminals

John Dickerson has written an amazing article on the Arizona Homeopathic Board - which sounds an awful lot like the Nevada State Medical Board - in that they'll allow anybody to do anything to anyone and get away with it. And, yes, that includes killing them.

Don't read it unless you've got a strong stomach: after all I've been through with homeopathy, I get ill when I discover how wide-spread this is - and how ugly it's madness can get. But I'm really glad there's, at least, a few journalists with the integrity to write something about it.

Homeopathy must be stopped.

1 comment:

  1. In the interest of sacrificing myself for the sake of anecdotal evidence, I took a homeopathic remedy this morning.
    I liked it.
    I guess.
    Better than a hill of beans. -shrug
    Actually, I haven't noticed that much either way.

    But I don't get why you are so angry... nothing in the 2 sugar pills I took, that have a memory of something or other in them, made me so angry. Course, I didn't have any germans, doctors, mother in laws, or wives, ex or otherwise, involved. Maybe it's that, and not the homeopathy, specifically? (Or maybe they accidentally left something more than just the memory in your sugar pill?????? Only diluted it 100000 times, not 1000000000 times, or something cheap like that?)