Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Canadian Cowardice

"There was a moment in the interview, nearer to the end -- just like the moment at the end of my debate with CanWest's Scott Anderson, where we finally got through the well-rehearsed cliches, and finally got some frankness -- that was a revelation. With Anderson, it was his admission that he didn't think the cartoons were offensive, but that some others did, so he let their judgment trump his own. With [John Cruickshank, CBC "publisher"] it was his comment that to publish the cartoons was simply being 'macho'. Pressed to explain, he said that critics called cartoon self-censorhip a 'lack of courage... you're just afraid that your correspondents in the Islamic world are going to face the consequences of this. Well, yeah.'"

-- Ezra Levant, reporting on the Canadian Broadcasting Center's decision not to show the now-notorious Danish "prophet" cartoons

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