Friday, March 27, 2009

At The Risk Of Insulting Morons Everywhere, Here’s The Moron Of The Week

Doug Reinhardt, the 11,694th guy to stick his penis into Paris Hilton, now wants to marry the all grown up heir-head.

According to Celebrity Rush, Paris Hilton has told her boyfriend she will "think about" his proposal.

The 28-year-old hotel heiress was reportedly unimpressed when Doug Reinhardt got down on one knee during dinner with her parents Kathy and Rick at The Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday (24.03.09).

Doug, 23, presented Paris with a Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring but instead of jumping for joy, the socialite snapped the ring box shut and said she would need time to consider his marriage offer.

The couple were photographed leaving the eatery together some time later, but Doug looked devastated and refused to look at the blonde beauty.

Hours before the dinner, Doug hinted at the imminent proposal on his Twitter page, writing: "I'm about to do something very exciting and life-changing. I'll announce what happens later."

Days earlier, he had gushed about his dreams of having children with Paris.

He said: "Paris would make a great mom - she's my Angel Princess. I'd love to have some mini Parises one day. I'd love to have children. That's what completes your life."

Our thesaurus says the word ‘completes’ is interchangeable with ‘ends’.

A “great mom”? Have you counted the small dogs she has killed off? Read this from Gawker:

It seems that the "Hottie" has been, uh, well, killing her dogs. Oh but totally by accident! See she gets a new puppy, but then doesn't want to train it or whatever so she just leaves it in a closet and flits away somewhere. Days later, employees report, they'll find the dog still in the closet, dead.

Some “mini Parises”?? In most states that’s called a brothel, and probably child-porn.

You’re still young Doug, head for the hills. Leave skid marks on your way out. Do not cross the yellow tape. There’s nothing to see here, go back to your home. Boil your wanker in bleach and start over.

Or remain a moron.

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