Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today At 5PM Pacific Time: The Crack Emcee Is On "My Perspective With Constance Cumbey"

We told you about it once before and now we're telling you again:

The Crack Emcee is doing an interview about NewAge cultism on "My Perspective With Constance Cumbey". Find out if TMR's big guy is crazy - or just crazy for doing it - at 5PM Pacific Time. You get big points if you listen in and make an .mp3 we can post.

You can tune in here.

Constance is a Christian and a conspiracy theorist (we are not) but she's still a lawyer, an expert on NewAge beliefs, and a really nice lady, so it ought to be a fun conversation.

UPDATE: So it was a fun conversation! Constance Cumbey is very well versed in NewAge, asked good questions (her callers as well) and has invited The Crack Emcee back for another go in two weeks! Stay tuned,...

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