Sunday, March 22, 2009

That Whole Arianna Is A Cultist Thing? No Big Deal: Americans Deserve To Get The News "Crooked" From This Delusional Greek Diva

"Educated at Cambridge University, she launched herself in the U.S. on the back of a book about Maria Callas (her third of 12) and a few key friends. Pretty soon, almost virally, she knew everybody, was marrying an oil millionaire (with Barbara Walters for a bridesmaid) and stumping for the Republicans. Almost as fast, she was divorcing said millionaire, who turned out to be bisexual, and becoming a Democratic champion. In 2003 she ran for governor of California but withdrew after it was revealed that she had paid only $771 in state taxes for the previous two years. She was pilloried for her connection to John-Roger and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which some claim is a cult. Less hardy souls might have fled the spotlight, but not Huffington. On the Internet, after all, nothing is set in stone; everything can be rewritten. History can be changed with a simple refreshing of the page.

...HuffPo is not made for people who like their news straight."

-- Belinda Luscombe, on Arianna Huffington - even using NewAge language to call her "The Web's New Oracle" - in one of the most embarrassing, and infuriating, pieces of "journalism" we've seen since so-called "reporters" (including Huffington) assisted in "electing" Obama - using the same amount of integrity for this garbage - in TIME Magazine.

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