Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buddhism And Cultism, Sex And Being Fucked

"When you enter the Buddhist order either as a layperson or clergy you take ten vows, one of which is not to abuse sexuality. But there is no specific definition of what that means."
-- Brad Warner, your typical Buddhist asshole, talking nonsense after his life "completely fell devastatingly apart" (as they always seem to with Buddhists) though none of that stopped him from counseling other idiots, auditioning for Kung Fu "through their own crises" - and writing a bullshit book about it - which is kinda discussed in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Oh - and since so many doubt us as we call out NewAge cultism in the San Francisco Bay Area - the columnist who did that interview in San Francisco's main newspaper, "Violet Blue," was kind enough to also stick this in there:

"This town already has a New Age-y sex cult or two,..."
And there you have it - in the daily fucking paper:

"NewAge" (rhymes with "sewage") and "Cult."

She said it, right there, out in the open for all to see, and in the San Francisco Bay Area - home of The People's Temple and Your Black Muslim Bakery - nobody is shocked or bothered. The San Francisco Bay Area is the weirdest and most troublesome part of America - because it's a city of cults and cultists - just as we've always said.

There's absolutely no shame in their brainwashing game,...they're no longer hiding it,...and the United States is out of it's fucking mind for letting it continue that way.

We at TMR shudder to think of what America's doing to itself in the name of political correctness. This cultism will make us pay. It always does - in human lives.

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