Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Women Who Meditate Are Only Cool While Meditating* And, Otherwise, Seem Quite Insane

"Abstract: This article reviews 75 scientific selected articles in the field of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation among others. It summarizes definitions of meditation, psychological and physiological changes, and negative side-effects encountered by 62.9% of meditators studied. While the authors did not restrict their study to TM, the side-effects reported were similar to those found in the 'German Study' of Transcendental Meditators: relaxation-induced anxiety and panic; paradoxical increases in tension; less motivation in life; boredom; pain; impaired reality testing; confusion and disorientation; feeling 'spaced out'; depression; increased negativity; being more judgmental; feeling addicted to meditation; uncomfortable kinaesthetic sensations; mild dissociation; feelings of guilt; psychosis-like symptoms; grandiosity; elation; destructive behavior; suicidal feelings; defenselessness; fear; anger; apprehension; and despair."

-- Perez-De-Abeniz, Alberto and Holmes, Jeremy, from their paper, "Meditation: Concepts, Effects and Uses in Therapy," which appeared in the March 2000 edition of The International Journal of Psychotherapy.

Hat Tip: Whirled Musings

Wow: meditating makes you "more judgmental," coupled with "negativity," "psychosis," and "grandiosity"? Funny - they never put that in the brochures - though it does describe every NewAger we've ever met:

To always be pushing their "new paradigm" on others, they've got to think they're special (grandiosity) while there's something wrong with the rest of us (judgmental) even though there's no evidence their way is better (psychosis) and they get viciously mad when we don't go along (negativity). Ain't science wonderful? No wonder they never mention these findings in all those glossy women's magazines.

*We are using the term "meditating" as sitting silently with their eyes closed and their mouths shut. And, wow, how fucked-up-in-the-head do you have to be when merely having some "alone time" can drive you nuts? Yea: Pretty fucked-up!!!

And - it should go without saying - this post is directed at "women who meditate," but, unfortunately, not all women are smart enough to see that, so we're compelled to mention it anyway. So, think of this post as a kind of Female Intelligence Test:

If you're a woman reading this who's getting mad - but you don't meditate - you're stupid. And, if you're a man reading this who meditates,...well, you're stupid anyway.

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