Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's Your "Messiah" Now?!?

Honestly, kids, your "messiah" has morphed into "worse than Bush" much faster than you guys could attempt to morph Bush into the "worst president ever." Fortunately, as everyone who's sane has said, your assessment of the last president won't hold, while this - OPRAH'S "THE ONE" and the NewAger's "Lightworker" - is going to haunt him (and, probably, you) for the rest of history - and his term is just beginning.



  1. It seems like folks on the right desperately want to believe that because Bush claimed to be "annointed by God" and was widely touted as as a man of deep Christian faith whose favorite philosopher was Jesus, that folks in the center and on the left have this same psychological hole they are waiting for some sort of messiah/daddy figure/god-on-earth to fill

    Sorry to disappoint! From my POV Obama is just another secular politician - 8 years of religious hysteria was enough, now its time to be grown up again.

  2. (shrug) All that "messiah" "lightworker" crap was always much bigger deal to you guys on the far right (I think because it was just a mirror version of the same fantasies you guys peddled about Bush so successfully) but it barely registered on the radar of anyone I know.

    But look, if you are determined to believe that other people MUST subscribe to some fantastic pseudo-religious worldview in order for your own positions to make sense, its not like I can reason with you.