Friday, March 27, 2009

“You're Right, No Human Being Would Stack Books Like This” – Dr. Peter Venkman

AN eerie image of a figure at a Scottish castle has got ghost experts spooked.

The scary shot was unearthed during the biggest ever investigation into photographic evidence of ghosts.

The picture, taken in May last year, shows a spectral figure in fifteenth century dress peering out of a barred window at Tantallon Castle in Fife.

No mannequins or costumed guides are used at the castle and photo experts have confirmed that no digital trickery was used.

Even ghost sceptic [sic] Professor Richard Wiseman admitted to being puzzled.

“It is certainly very curious,” he said.

“We ran it by three photographic experts and they said it hadn’t been Photoshopped [sic]at all.

[Note from TMR: We personally know a number of photo experts who say Photo Shop used by a skilled editor cannot always be detected. In this case we just doubt it was used because it wasn’t necessary.]

“The figure appears to be in period costume, but we know 100 per cent that Tantallon Castle is not the sort of place that has dummies or costumed guides; they just don’t go in for that sort of thing.

“I suppose it could be a visitor looking a little bit strange. Perhaps someone will come forward. Another possibility is an odd reflection of sunlight, but it does look very like a person. The explanation is not obvious.”

Tantallon Castle, a ruined fortress dating back to the 14th century, stands on a remote rocky headland near North Berwick on the East coast of Scotland. It was badly damaged in an attack by Oliver Cromwell’s forces in 1651.
The Sun

Man, the Brits are getting to be a real pain in the ass:

“… but it does look very like a person. The explanation is not obvious.”

Yea, OK Nimrod. By the way, how much is that tourist in the window?

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