Monday, March 30, 2009

The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands

Look at it, people - look at it: this is the America you've created. And oh yea, before you start to laugh or feel superior: this blog stays so disgustingly snide because the rest of you are just being a whole lot of help,...

You may now go back to chanting "O-ba-ma!" or whatever other bit o' nonsense you've got in your heads this week. (You do love chanting, don't you? Tell us: Are you all potential Nazis or Hari Krishnas?) Oops, sorry. Was that "mean"? What we really meant to say was "Zeig Hari - Hope and Change! Save the planet - not your brain! March together - be not proud! Don't know shit - and say it loud! GO CULTISTS!!!!"

Whew! American Idol, anyone?

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