Thursday, March 26, 2009

“You’re Fired”…And You’re Stupid

In the BBC version of ‘The Apprentice’, Sir Alan Sugar, in the Donald Trump role, fired corporate attorney Anita Shah.

It seems Anita and her team came in under budget in their assignment to wash cars, but washed them, including a Ferrari, with oven cleaner. That's scary stupid.

The 35-year-old business strategist told BBC Breakfast: 'I gave myself the kiss of death.'

Sir Alan had told her: 'Anita, you put yourself forward as one of Britain's best business prospects.

'You showed no initiative in spotting that you were going for a disaster and on that basis ... Anita. You're fired!'

Shah said that Sir Alan 'doesn't particularly like lawyers. Let's see in 10 years if he doesn't sit and think: maybe I made the wrong decision.'
The Daily Mail

10 Years?

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