Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Can Use His Bones To Pick Your Teeth

"We want to know whom Mayor Villaraigosa [above] is dating, and we want to see her picture. And if John Edwards visits his mistress at the Beverly Hilton and gets chased into a bathroom by National Enquirer reporters--hey, you know, maybe that's a story! (The LAT didn't think so.)  By covering politics in a way that got at least a few hundred thousand readers to pay attention, you could take the first, big step toward changing the apathetic culture of Southern California (the culture that lets Democratic interest groups fill the void and call the shots). ..."

-- Mickey Kaus, encouraging media vultures to "feast" on the environmentally friendly, PC, left-wing, arrogant - and all while being totally clueless - L.A. Times, over at

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