Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now We're Talking: Ladies And Gentlemen, TMR Presents To You A Scientology, Huffington Post, Sarah Palin-Inspired Political Cult Clusterfuck!!!

HuffPo's Rachel Weiner has already reported on Greta Van Susteren's defensive response to a Politico story today, which cited an anonymous source saying that one of the reasons that Sarah Palin has been caught up in a "series of public relations gaffes" is because she is "taking advice from Greta and her husband."

In her Fox News blog, Van Susteren vehemently denied offering Palin any advice, and called the authors to task for not checking on this allegation. Let me give Van Susteren her due. This is a serious charge of direct professional misconduct, and there should have been more than a throwaway line from an unnamed source to back it up. The allegation begs further questioning.

But what Van Susteren does acknowledge in her "brief" on the subject is equally troubling:

1. She acknowledges that her husband, John Coale, has been advising Palin, that they are in weekly contact, and that he played a central role in the formation of her national political action committee, SarahPAC--all while she has been covering Palin for Fox News.

2. She acknowledges that her husband met Palin through Van Susteren's media contacts with the governor. In short, he used his wife's journalistic access to Palin to gain his own political access.

There are some serious journalistic conflicts of interest taking place here, and Van Susteren is either being duplicitous or disingenuous to characterize them as "silly."

I've written earlier in HuffPo about the odd dynamic that has developed over the past seven months between the Palins, Van Susteren, and her power broker husband, Coale. Both Coale and Van Susteren are prominent practitioners in the controversial Church of Scientology, and Coale has been a major behind-the-scenes political force in Washington, D.C., for decades.

Since my first story appeared, several people have contacted me with more troubling information on the subject.

Coale's extensive training in Scientology is a matter of public record. He has completed the organization's course OT-VII, Scientology's second most powerful level.

Moreover, Coale has been a major player in national political circles for nearly a quarter century.

-- Geoffrey Dunn, a self-described "award-winning journalist, filmmaker and historian", thinking he's doing an investigative report on the warp-mouthed conservative cultist in politics - as he ignores that he's writing for a weird website owned by the warped-Greek liberal cultist in politics - called The Huffington Post.

Ahh, "The Matrix" of cultism exposed - on the Left and the Right - that really makes our day!!!