Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Seems It's "Just Us" Now: No Justice Mo' Piss

Well, it seems that whoever was offended by the blog has had the proper effect - visits have fallen through the floor - but that's cool, because now it's me and the rest of the hardcore, and I finally have a good idea of how many of you that is. The level of donations have been quite gratifying, too, making me feel special while somebody's trying to make me feel small.

BTW - I've got an idea about who that somebody is. There's been a jerk from Daly City, California (it's always California) who's been recently taunting me with homosexual comments, until I started deleting them, so I guess he went the politically correct route and got Blogger to do his bidding. (Isn't it weird, in America, how easily that works nowadays? Blogger didn't even ask me what's going on,...) But, as I said when the WARNING went up, he's done me as much of a favor as hurt me, because the rest of you responded with donations (Big Thumbs Up to the Ladies!) and, seriously, if this was one of those blogs done exclusively for fame you'd see me acting like other bloggers, and posting everywhere to promote it, and I just don't do that. TMR will live or die under it's own power - it's been sabotaged by NewAge libs three times now - but, if there's one thing the attacks it receives proves, it does have power:

We - me, what I've created here, and the people who regularly read and participate in it - can and will not be ignored.

I'm sorry about not posting yesterday, but I've got a friend who needed some help doing some back-breaking work, and when I got home all I wanted was a beer, some food, and some sleep. It's a trip to not to be watching things for a day, because now I feel kind of like events have gotten away from me a little, when I'm so used to staying on top of them, even if I'm not commenting on every little thing that happens. That said, I've decided to make a few changes from here on out, picking up the pace, starting with a reduction in the number of photos I use (Most of my time is spent reading, grabbing photos and videos, and trying to organize them into something). This way, I think, I'll be able to post more often and maybe become an even bigger part of the dialogue. To the artists and weirdoes I say, don't fret, I'm still going to have them, but there will also be posts that don't from now on, just so we can talk about more. I'm also hoping it'll inspire more comments, though I know, talking to me scares some people. (Man up, folks, they're only words,...)

Alright - before I start cussing everybody out again - I want you to know "I Love You", and it's nothing personal, but like a father to his kids, I want everyone to do better and this is just the time-tested approach that really gets results.

Just ask whoever the pussy was who got "insulted".

O.K., shape up or ship out, assholes! I'ma jump in the shower and then hit it - hard - including that promised piece on cultism.



  1. Daly City, eh? Oddly enough, I'm in Pacifica, right next door to D.C., and I'm one of your supporters.

    Thanks for the update. Keep 'em comin!

  2. The people who hate freedom love to play victim so they can justify silencing anyone who doesn't spout their party line. I've never seen so much fear of opposing viewpoints as has come out since the 2008 election. And it is mostly a one sided effort. I don't see tea party types shouting down union stooges or democrats very often, and never en masse like in Wisconsin. It's class warfare alright--those who got class against those who don't

  3. LOL - a 'dangerous' rating like that can be a boost for a guy's reputation! Jus' sayin'!