Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Macho Response Is Now In Two Locations!

Since Blogger has decided TMR is oh, so beyond the pale, I've been invited to start blogging with the fine folks at Flying Tiger Comics, so look for some upcoming stuff over there. I'll still be posting here, so keep coming back, but I'll also be adding some content to what they do already.

I'm happy to report visitors read more of TMR now - and the blog definitely gets more donations because of them - but it would be nice to have the number of readers up, too. We had quite a crowd before the blog was labeled "indecent", and hopefully we can get something going again. So, if the barrier keeps you from checking me out while you're at work or something, hop over to Flying Tiger Comics and I'll be glad to start scratching your conservative anti-NewAge/anti-cult itch at the new location. Just don't tell Blogger!

Take care,



Thanks to Ann Althouse, TMR is still here - and no longer behind a firewall! And it's now here, too! This could get interesting! I'm still setting up shop at the new spot, but come pay a visit anyway:

It looks like lots of things are getting started all over again!