Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those French Are Sophisticated (If You're Slow)

The London Telegraph's Ed West is quoted by Ed Driscoll, and repeats a point I've made many, many times, here, about France:
A dark-skinned Frenchman once told me that London was paradise because nowhere in France could he go about his business without fearing his skin colour might cause some problem.
Ooh-la-la! And yet, somehow, the French and the American media got the American Left to believe (amongst other things) that - if the United States didn't elect Barack Obama president - it was this country that was racist.

Now that's what I call self-identifying as rubes.


  1. I got here from your comment at Althouse.

    You know, I skimmed Driscoll's article and missed the "dark-skinned Frenchman" line. Thanks for pointing it out. But what about Dumas father and son? Josephine Baker?

    natewhilk -at- gmail /dot/ com

  2. You're welcome.

    As far as the others, what about them? I lived there, too. All I can say is they lived there in a different time, when probably anything seemed better than the remnants of slavery. Also, if the French want to make a fetish of "blackness" they will, which I found equally annoying, though I can see how some blacks wouldn't mind it at all, even though it's another kind of racism.

    What you can't be is just normal.