Monday, April 25, 2011

This Is A Big Day For Losers Confessing,...

...James Hewitt says he considered suicide after his affair with Princess Diana:
I felt I had let people down - probably myself, my family, my friends, the nation, the army, my regiment. Other than that, no one at all.
Which sounds like our old friend, shame, who we were told was dead. Now why would Hewitt feel like that? He'd slept with another man's wife, publicly, but today he's claiming he doesn't want to talk about details - like whether or not Harry's his son - "out of respect for everyone." Where was his sense of "respect" before? Where was Diana's? (And why was everyone worshipping that NewAge cult freak again?) Where was Charles' - or Camilla's? Who, or what, at this point - Diana IS still dead - is he supposedly respecting?

And what is anyone celebrating any of these people for, even now? Isn't Kate Middleton willingly following in Diana's footsteps?

As Jerry Seinfeld said, they're not special people - they're even less than average.

They're a bunch of fucking losers.

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  1. There are few things I hate more than America's weird sycophantic fascination with the British royal family.

    It seems really gross and unseemly for citizens of a republic to form these goofy butt-kissing obsessions with a foreign undemocratic institution.